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Looking for a cab in Moncton?


Taxi Direct New Brunswick

 We are the first and the only taxi company in the Greater Moncton that uses new technology to call a taxi.

Taxi Direct offers the taxi booking service through his mobile app and online booking form not only in the Greater Moncton area, but also in other cities in the Maritime Provinces, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and in every cities where his members are connected.

You can install and use our application in these cities.

Taxi Direct offers membership to drivers from other cities to provide service.

Mobile app - Taxi Direct New Brunswick

♦ Download the FREE application “Taxi Direct New Brunswick” for passenger.

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♦ Create an account.


♦ Book and track your cab in real time!

♦ Choose to pay your cab with credit card, pre-recorded in the application, or directly the driver. All our cars are equipped with debit machines for cash by debit or credit card.

♦ Use promo codes and save money with Taxi Direct on each ride.

Book your cab online with Taxi Direct

Book online your taxi

Taxi Direct NB protects clients against empty bookings.

If no cars are connected, it is impossible to make a reservation.

Customer can see the messages: "No available vehicles" or "Not during operating hours"


Special offers on flat rates*

♦ With Taxi Direct pay up to 20% cheaper than regular price (flat rate) for any trip from Moncton to another city or for any trip to Moncton from any city.*

♦ Special rate for students from Moncton Airport to Sackville, or from Sackville to Moncton airport : $60.00, less of 25% from the regular flat rate, $81.60.
Offer available only if the taxi is ordered through a mobile application or online.*


Method of payment accepted

 Payment methods of Taxi Direct NB

*No discount if road conditions are poor.


Request an estimate and book your trip.



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