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Taxi Direct

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About Taxi Direct NB

Who are we?

Taxi Direct is a family business, a new type of Taxi Company in the Moncton region created on October 15, 2015. The company manages the system of automatic booking of passenger transport. It unites drivers and car owners used to transport passengers throughout Canada.

Goal of creation of the company:

Offer passengers a high quality of service.

Introduce new technologies for taxi orders.

The main differences between Taxi Direct and other taxi companies in the region are:

Flexible rates in the Greater Moncton area.

The best fixed prices for trips outside the city.

Possibility to order a taxi via a mobile application, website, by email.

Regular discounts to customers who order the service through the app.

The possibility for the customer to pay to travel through the app using a pre-registered credit card.

Possibility for the customer to register a personal and professional credit card in the application and choose which card to pay with.

Automatic text messages are sent to the customer by SMS or email, if the transport is ordered through the application, a website or by e-mail.

Text messages can be:

- Confirmation of taxi reservation.

- The message that the taxi is on its way to the customer.

- A message indicating that the car has arrived at the customer's address. From this message, the customer knows which car has come, car number and the name of the driver.

- A message confirming that the order is cancelled, if the customer or administrator cancelled it.

Innovation in the field of service:

Involvement of private drivers to participate in the provision of services to passengers due to the lack of taxi drivers.

Association of taxi drivers from different companies.


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