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According to surveys, our customers want to use the same mobile app, Taxi Direct NB, to book a taxi in other cities across Canada, not only in Moncton, for use the same account.

The Taxi Direct NB application is the best for a taxi booking. It can be used across of Canada in any city and by any drivers. The clients have an access to real time taxi using GPS. They receive the personalized messages by SMS and email with the confirmations after the order, when a taxi is on its way, and when a taxi is arrived and wait for a passenger. The client doesn’t need stay outside for waiting a taxi. He can get out after receiving the appropriate text message. The name of the driver and the license plate of the car are displayed in the text. The app offers users to choose pay after the trip in application by registered credit card or to pay directly to the driver by cash or using a debit machine. Taxi Direct creates the discount coupons for using in the app. The Taxi Direct NB customer can also use the same account to order a taxi from our website. To satisfy our customers we need to have more drivers connected to the system.

Become the member of Taxi Direct NB in your city!
Connect to the driver app on your Smartphone or tablet and take the calls.
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Who can be a Member of Taxi Direct NB?

The owner of a vehicle who wishes to earn money with his car, who accepts the General Terms and the Driver's Rules of Use, may become a Member of Taxi Direct NB.

What services can the member provides?

Transportation of passengers, luxury transport, suitable transport for wheelchairs, driver with car, group transportation, delivery, battery boost, door unlocking.

What are the benefits for members?

Only Taxi Direct NB accepts all cars on its mobile app, including private cars, and offers wide choice of services to customers. With a single registration to Taxi Direct NB your vehicle will be added on several platforms and related applications to have more visibility, more customers, more choice, more revenue.

What are the criteria for becoming a TD Member?

You can find this information in the General Terms and Conditions for Members and Rules for Drivers.

How much does it cost?

The member pays the fixed monthly fee for his car to be added to our system. There are no other fees or percentages to pay. Membership fees (except the Greater Moncton area) are $ 2.14 per day per car; the 15% tax is included.

How to register and what is the process to start?

The process is very simple and quick to start right away:
Contact us. We'll send you a form. You must complete it, sign it and send us by e-mail with the requested copies. You will pay the monthly fee, and your car will be activated. You will connect to an application to accept requests of service in your city.

Contact us for more information.

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