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Rules of use for drivers.

To ensure a safe taxi service and guarantee the quality of the brand Taxi Direct NB, each driver of Taxi Direct NB must respect the rules of use.

  • Inform Taxi Direct NB immediately if a vehicle or driver changes for updates in the system.
  • Never give to someone else your login and password to log in to the system for you. Each account is personal with the photo of the driver that is displayed to the customer.
  • Connect with the right car, if you drive several vehicles, its capacity is important, the registration number of the vehicle is communicated to the customer and must correspond.
  • Follow all the steps of the order processing.
  • Finish your work after you have accepted it and started.
  • Never take another passenger in the meantime, or transfer the work to another driver after accepting it.
  • Never ignore and finish the job without going to the assigned location.Take the passenger from the pickup address. He received the confirmation message with your photo and your name as you pick it up, and the person is waiting for you
  • Never disconnect immediately after receiving a job, finish it first instead of refusing. There may be no other drivers connected, and the customer will never be served.
  • Never stay connected after you finish your day.
  • Never collect, share, use the customer's personal information at a later dates.

Requirement for driver

Every driver shall be neat and clean in appearance while engaged in the operation of a taxicab and, shall wear a shirt, ankle length trousers or dress shorts, socks and appropriate foot wear. Every female driver may, in place of ankle length trousers, wear a skirt.

Requirement for car

Every owner shall keep their taxicab in a clean condition and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall ensure that there is no accumulation of food, food wrappers, beverage containers, packages or wrappers in the passenger compartment of the car.

The car must be in good condition and non smoking.

Failure to comply with any of the points in this regulation will result in the provisional suspension of the driver with a warning. In the event of a maximum of three deliberate recurrences in a one-month period, the driver may lose his status as a Member of Taxi Direct NB without reimbursement of the expenses paid.

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