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General Terms and Conditions for Members of Taxi Direct NB.


Taxi Direct New Brunswick (hereafter Taxi Direct) is a taxi service company located at 69 Gordon St. in Moncton, NB, Canada. Customers use the personalized passenger app, created for Taxi Direct, and the online booking form on the website, taxidirect.ca, to order a taxi or a passenger car with a driver from across Canada.


In exchange for payment of the membership fee, Taxi Direct will create an account for each car and driver in their system to allow the presence of an individual vehicle on this mobile application and the website. The member gets direct contact with customers and visibility. The person or company paying the membership fee becomes a Member of Taxi Direct New Brunswick and agrees to abide by the Driver's Terms and Conditions.

The owner of a taxi, a limousine, a passenger car, a suitable car, a shuttle, a minibus, a truck can be a Member of Taxi Direct.

Taxi Direct has three categories of members:

1. Taxi owners who use Taxi Direct roof sign and independent drivers who offer delivery services.

2. Taxi owners who use roof signs from other taxi companies.

3. The owners of private independent vehicles that offer the passenger transport service.

Status of drivers

All drivers, Taxi Direct members, are the self-employed. Taxi Direct does not have an employee-employer relationship with its members even though they use Taxi Direct's roof sign. The members of Taxi Direct are not bound by the contract of provision of services as suppliers with Taxi Direct. Consequently, Taxi Direct has no power to impose hours of work on its members. Owners of taxis are not required to put the roof sign of Taxi Direct. Each driver of a passenger car for the purpose of profit is personally responsible for maintaining all permits and compulsory documents required by his municipality up to date.

Equipment and documentation

The member understands that each car must be equipped with an Android or iPhone device with GPS and 3G support, and that for each mobile device a mobile phone subscription with a data plan is required to be able to use the Service provided. Costs for internet connection, Android and iPhone terminals, mobile phone subscriptions and other equipment and services are paid by the member.

Each member must register on the Taxi Direct website to access all documents about the use of the system and all relevant information. He is responsible for carefully reviewing all the documents posted in the space for members and printing them if necessary. The uninformed driver can make mistakes and lose money. Taxi Direct will not be able to refund to the member money lost due to an error or misuse of the system.

Membership fees and duration

Membership fees are set by category and paid in advance per car, per month. They are not refundable. The 15% harmonized sales tax is not included. The first payment is for a current month. Then, the Member should pay before the first day of the next month to keep his car active in the system.

There is no obligation of a duration required for the contract. The accounts for the car and the driver will be activated after receipt of payment, and will be deactivated if the payment will not be received for a next period. Taxi Direct reserves the right to change the membership fee at any time. They will enter into force 1 month after the new tariff has been communicated to members.

Limitation of Liability

For all cases of interruption of services used by third parties, Taxi Direct shall not be liable.

Taxi Direct shall not be liable for the acts or actions of its members or for any illegal use of the service provided

Taxi Direct will not be responsible for the driving of its members. Each member is personally responsible for his behavior on the roads. In case of accident the vehicle insurance must cover all damages. The owner of the car is solely responsible for having his insurance appropriate and up to date.

The system used by Taxi Direct is developed and owned by TaxiCaller Nordic AB. When downloading mobile applications, the user accepts the terms and conditions of service of the said third party beneficiary and not of Taxi Direct. Taxi Direct will not be liable for material or financial damages resulting from the downloading of applications and the use of the services of third parties.

The service is offered "as is" and "as requested". Taxi Direct does not provide any attestation, warranty or insurance regarding customer demand in the market.

Privacy Policy

Taxi Direct is not obliged to collect and store personal data of each member. They are destroyed after account closure. The information processed in the service provided is stored in the databases and servers operated by TaxiCaller Nordic AB. TaxiCaller Nordic AB determines how long this information is recorded.

Mobile application and website

Taxi Direct NB's personalized mobile app for passengers, developed by TaxiCaller Nordic AB, allows customers to book and track the desired vehicle in real time, use promotional codes, pay with pre-registered personal or business credit card, or Pay cash directly to the driver. The customer can reserve the desired vehicle from the page of our website. If Taxi Direct displays the cars on the map, the customer can choose the vehicle on the map directly by clicking on it.

Promo codes

Taxi Direct offers the promotional codes to attract more consumers to use the mobile app for a taxi booking. Members must accept them without requesting refunds from Taxi Direct or its taxi company as they are the non-negotiable part of contract.

Payment in application

Taxi Direct will reimburse members for payments made by their customers in app. The 4% fee is deducted from the total amount for administrative and banking fees. Refund is made every 1st of the month by check sent to the member's address.


Questions of support will be processed only by e-mail.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property in all its forms such as patent, copyright and neighboring rights, communication rights, software, drawings, know-how, websites, trademarks, transfer of rights, and other closely related forms or its current and future business and research activities remain the property of Taxi Direct New Brunswick TM.

Closure of Account

Taxi Direct reserves the right to close a member's account with immediate effect and without refund in the following cases:

- Complaints from customers received about the service provided by the member,

- No correspondence of the driver or car with the description received from the system,

- Non-compliance with regulations or general conditions.

Member may request to delete his account from the system by email at any time.


Each member is authorized to promote the mobile app and website of Taxi Direct NB in their city, purchase and put stickers on their car, order business cards to distribute to those customers. They must contain the Taxi Direct legal logo. Some advertising products can be ordered from Taxi Direct.

Taxi Direct New Brunswick reserves the right to change its terms at any time. Visit this page to view the current Terms and Conditions.


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