Work with Taxi Direct NB

Taxi Direct New Brunswick is a legal taxi company, registered in Moncton, New Brunswick.

You can work with the Taxi Direct NB roof sign in this area.

Taxi Direct NB offers custom tariff plans of the rent depending on the equipment you choose to use.


Information for cab owners :

Have an Android or iPhone device with GPS and 3G support and a data plan.

Taxi Direct provides the roof sign and can provide a debit machine.


Information concerning the requirements for registration of a taxi :

Have a taxi owner's permit with all necessary stickers.

Having the car clean, non smoker and in good condition.

Having an insurance policy for the taxi.

Have a valid semi-annual inspection.

Have a valid registration for the taxi.


Information concerning the requirements for registration of a new taxi driver :

Have a valid driver's license for at least 3 years.

Have a valid driver's license with category 4.

Have a taxi driver's license, valid in your city.

Drivers abstract record dating back 30 days (only if you are applying to drive company's taxi).

Having these documents in hand, you can contact us to fix an appointment.

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* You must provide copies of the permits and license if your registration is approved.


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