Taxi Rates

Taxi fares are managed by municipalities. They are the same for all the taxis in the same city.

There is no difference in prices if you take the taxi by calling one of the taxi companies or via the mobile application and website.

There is no difference in prices compared to the size of the car.

Customers usually tip 10 to 15 per cent on top of the price.

If you need a taxi regularly, use the app or our website, you will automatically qualify for the Taxi Direct New Brunswick loyalty program.


Taxi Prices in Moncton

Start : $3.20

+ $1 extra for  each additional passenger

                -  $3.20

              -  $4.20

           - $5.20

         - $6.20

       - $7.20

  - $8.20


 + $1.70 per traveled kilometer

Waiting time : $30.00/hour, ie $0.50/minute


Additional charges may apply in some cases.
They are negotiated with the driver and added to the final invoice, to be paid by the passenger.

Some examples, but not limited to:

- For cleaning the vehicle
- For transporting a bicycle
- For the transport of an animal
- For transporting bulky objects

Taxi Direct discounts

Seniors discount : 10%

Students discount : 10% after $10.00

If we have other discounts right now, check out our Facebook page.

For flat rates, contact us.