Taxi service to individuals.

Order, pay and rate your trip with the FREE Taxi Direct NB app.

The Taxi Direct NB application is the best for a taxi booking. It can be used across of Canada in any city when our members are connected.

♦ You have an access to real time taxi using GPS.

♦ You receive the personalized messages by SMS and emails with the confirmations after the order, when a taxi is on its way, and when a taxi is arrived and wait for a passenger.

♦ You don’t need stay outside for waiting your taxi. You can come after getting the text message when your taxi waiting for you.

♦ The name of the driver and the license plate of the car are displayed in the text.

♦ The app offers you to choose pay after the trip by registered credit card in application or to pay directly to the driver by cash or using a debit machine.

♦ Taxi Direct creates the discount coupons for using in the app.

♦ You can also use the same account to order a taxi from our website.