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Your taxi, limousine or delivery company becomes a Member of Taxi Direct NB and benefits from the automatic call distribution system coming from mobile applications and online booking form. You have a second dispatcher in your pocket. Your company appears in the mobile application and on the reservation form independently of Taxi Direct NB.

Your company will be also in the application of Taxi Direct NB.

Management of the dispatch system.

Your company needs to change the dispatch system or install the first system. Taxi Direct NB registers your company with the dispatch system provider of which it is a affiliate. This system is complete, synchronized with the dispatching console, the mobile application and the on-line booking form.

If you choose to manage the system yourself, Taxi Direct NB will help you install, test and understand it at the basic level. Subsequently you will be independent and solely responsible for its management, programming and functionality.

You can entrust the management part of the dispatch system to Taxi Direct NB. You still have to use it fully and without worry. You keep control of all calls. Your dispatchers will receive and record calls over the phone as usual. Taxi Direct NB will program and adapt the system to your needs and ensure its smooth operation.

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*Your company will not be in the application of Taxi Direct NB. Only Member can be there.*